Fighting Games for people who suck at Fighting games

Let me start by saying, I generally suck at fighting games. Whether it’s learning the many move sets, or trying to figure them out without having to look them up. I remember during the 16-bit era fighting games were all the rage. Finally a console could match up to a similar quality you found in an Arcade cabinet. Some of the first games that I can remember playing with my Brothers and friends were the Street Fighter 4 Championship edition and Primal Rage on the Sega Genesis and Mortal Kombat 2 on the SNES.


On Street Fighter 2 I tended to Gravitate toward the Characters that were nimble or had great reach. That meant that I used Sagat, Vega and of course I spammed Dhalsim like crazy. That’s ok though typically my little brother would pick Blanka and sit in the corner using his electric move defensively every time I pressed the attack. While back then I would scream “Cheater!” and how cheap he was for using it. I see now that he was young and the idea of memorizing moves was not common for either of us. Primal Rage, God help us was an even bigger mess and resulted in a large sum of button mashing and trying to hit the Cave men running around in the background. Neither of us had a single move we knew outside of striking back and forth.


After that I took somewhat of a long hiatus from fighting games, I remember going to a friend’s house who had gotten a PS1 for Christmas and the game Tekken. I was blown away by the Graphics and the attention to detail in the game. Also it seemed to have a wide variety of character types, even some with weapons!  And while I was no better at this game than one in the past, it felt different like you didn’t have to know Special moves if you figured out how to chain combos and dodge/block. This game I could actually stay somewhat competitive with.


A few years later another friend of mine received a Sega Dreamcast for his birthday along with two Arcade style fighting games Soul Caliber and Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. Soul Caliber I throughly enjoyed, it had a similar play style to Tekken combined with a focus on using weapons rather than fists and feet. And while I wasn’t good enough to beat my friend, I still really enjoyed it. Marvel vs. Capcom on the other hand I really loved, it had the best cast of characters ever in a fighting game as far as Im concerned. However…I was absolutely horrid at it. I had a hard time beating the CPU most of the time. My friend Chris however was the master of fighting games, he could pop off every move for every character at a moment’s notice. So where did I go wrong, why is it I could just never get the hang of it? For me it came down to a few things I think,

  • I always played the Aggressor, let’s just say I never knew which button was block.
  • I never stuck with a character long enough to learn their strengths and weaknesses and how to cater to those.
  • I got discouraged if I couldn’t pick a controller up and dominate out of the gate, like I could with RTS’s and Shooters.

The last few years I’ve played a lot more fighting games and have discovered that many of them very much now cater to folks that maybe are a lot like me and can’t help but do the things I said above. So these are the games over the years that I’ve played, bought or revisited that are very accessible for fans at any Skill level.

1)Super Smash Brothers (WII)- While not a traditional fighting game, Smash bros brings a lot to the table. It’s the third installment to the series and had the best cast of character’s to date. The Object is to knock your opponent off the screen or at least do enough damage so that something in the environment does. I had a great time playing the Single player or better yet some couch Coop.


2) Mortal Kombat 9(PS3) Nether Realms did a fantastic job of so many things on this game. It went back to its 2d roots of course using 3D rendering on characters as well as the environments. It was much easier to pull off the unique moves and very easy to perform your fatalities and they were quite imaginative. The X ray mode was pretty a slick addition as well.


3)Injustice :Gods among Us(PS3)(excited for Injustice2)- I am a hug Comic fan, so when I heard that a game featuring the core Heroes and Villians was coming, and that it was made by Netherrealms I was all in. To date it’s the best Single player story in a fighting game that Ive played.I Can’t wait to play Injustice 2.


Outside of the Injustice 2 game I’m really excited to play the new remake of Street Fighter 2 on the Nintendo Switch.

Why does Nintendo hate their fans?! (Part2)


1)What was your First Nintendo Console you ever remember playing? And what were some of your favorite games

it Started with the Original NES, my parents had bought the NES for my older brother in 86 the same year I was born. I can remember at an early age watching my Brother play “RAD Racer” and “Skate Or Die”. Oddly enough I can remember waking up to my parents rushing downstairs to play Mario and Jaws after putting us to bed. I think what drew me in was being able to interact with something that told me a story, I was used to playing with my toys and dreaming up who my characters were and what they were doing. This was something that told me the story, one in which I did not know the outcome. The games that I loved the most were often games that I could enjoy with my Brothers, like Ninja Turtle: Manhattan Project(my Fav Turtle game), Mario 3, and Tecmo Bowl. Me and my younger brother would play Final Fantasy and I would tell him he was controlling 2 of the 4 characters and all he had to do was hit “A”, worked everytime! MegaMan 2 and Mike Tyson’s Punch out were the first games that I beat and truly felt rewarded and accomplished.


2) What Set Nintendo Apart from the Competition?

It comes down to the Classics, Nintendo truly built their consoles around the games. They had so many AAA First-Party Games, I bought their consoles not because of its Features or its Bits(power) but solely on its high quality titles. And that trend went on all the way to the Wii. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Genesis but looking back on the games I truly loved for it pales in comparison to Nintendo’s library.

I bought their consoles not because of its Features or its Bits(power) but solely on its high quality titles

3)What are some of your fondest memories with a Nintendo game or Console?

Well in the days before the internet the only real way to learn all the game secrets was to wait for a Nintendo power magazine that published an article on that title,Or wait till you got on the School bus or Recess. I learned the proper order to beating all of the MegaMan 2 Robots thanks to the School Bus ride in the morning. I also remember learning about the location of the 2nd Flute in Mario 3 from Recess. Other fond memories come later during the N64 days. It was the first console that my Brothers and I could actually play together at the same time. We would take our favorite controllers and go to friend’s houses and wear them out in Golden Eye and Mario Kart, don’t even get me started on Smash Bros.

Games that really changed my perspective on what gaming is and how it could be a passion for some people and not just a hobby would be Legend of Zelda: A link to the past. This game was full of some many new ideas for me, it had a strong Narrative that told a story that was both Exciting and Sombering. It featured a light and a Dark world that you could later move freely between. It had an amazing array of items and weapons to have at your disposal and it featured some of the first Puzzles I ever played. Also one thing I really appreciated was that once you beat the game the developers cared enough to let you know the outcome of the characters you met along the way.


4)What was the last Nintendo Console you owned and what caused you to stop supporting Nintendo ?

The Last Console I bought was the Wii, I have to admit I was working for Game Stop at the time, we received extra consoles that were not reserved and I really wanted to play Zelda Twilight princess so I decided  to pop on it and play Zelda. I was originally very excited for the console during the days it was refereed to as the “Nintendo Revolution” It seemed to offer so many new ideas, something Nintendo wrote the book on. However after getting it home and playing Zelda for hours, it felt somewhat disconnected.

Sure the Motion controls were neat and the concept quite unique but it was the first Nintendo console that I really felt let down on. It came out in a time in my life were Graphics became a huge deciding factor in the console and games I played. The Nintendo magazine that broke the Story on Redsteel really gave me hope, it looked like such a good idea to put the player in control of a Japanese Katana and hack and slash fools. But it to was a let down. I will say the Wii did have some pretty clever and unique games I did enjoy(Wii Sports,Mario Galaxy) but overall it left much to be desired.


5) Where do you feel Nintendo has had its biggest failures? And what would you do if you were in charge ?

The major issue here is Nintendo lost focus on what’s important to fans and the consumer. And instead of focusing on building stellar first party and third party games they found themselves chasing after Innovation.

Innovation in of itself is a good thing you don’t want the same console regurgitated over and over with a slight performance increase. But it can never be at the expense of the one items that makes a video game developer real profit…the Games.

For me if I was President of Nintendo tomorrow my first thing I would correct would be to listen to the fans, we do a great job of telling you what we like and dislike especially in the Era of Social Media. I would say lets get back to Basics back to what Made Nintendo the King, Great, fun and memorable games that appeal to both the “Core” gamer and new comers alike. Don’t be afraid to give the fans what they want, a new Metroid, Star Fox, Mario, Donkey Kong, or even Bomberman. Give parents the opportunity to share the same characters that we loved as kids with our very own children.

The major issue here is Nintendo lost focus on what’s important to fans and the consumer

6) What do you want to see from Nintendo in the future and how can they turn this around with the Switch?

The Switch looks promising but I hope it’s not another Gimmick with a lack of games or third party developers that cant design current generation games on it due to its limited hardware.

Id love to see them bring in a new Virtual store and resale original or remastered versions of many of their classic games throughout the large library they have. I would be happy to re buy games in a digital format that I have not played in years. I’d also love to play games that I missed out on from the Gamecube and Wii U libraries like the Metroid and Zelda Skyward Sword.

Here’s to hoping Nintendo figures this out so that they can continue to make consoles far into the future.

Why Does Nintendo Hate their Fans?! Part 1


1)What was your First Nintendo Console you ever remember playing? And what were some of your favorite games.

NES was my first Nintendo console, actually, it was my first console period. It came out the same year I was born (two weeks after my birth in North America) and we got one in the year following. I wasn’t actually playing until 1987 or so, but I still remember those times playing games with my brothers. Besides the obvious classics like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros, my favorite games were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle II The Arcade Game, Skate or Die, Mega Man 2, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, Ducktales and Contra.

2) What Set Nintendo Apart from the Competition?(Sega ,Atari)

During the NES era, Nintendo had more advanced games than what Atari had. In the SNES era, Nintendo had a better, more diverse catalog of games than Sega did. Super Mario World was better than all of the Sonic games released on the Genesis. Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger were better than games like Phantasy Star. It always came down to having better games, because in the end, that’s all that matters.


3)What are some of your fondest memories with a Nintendo game or Console? (Maybe a game you and your friends would play, or one that changed you)

   Playing games like Contra and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 The Arcade Game with my brothers and friends stand out as fond memories. Chrono Trigger changed my perception of games. I got attached to the characters in a way that I never had before, and the fact that the game had so many different endings depending on various decisions was mind blowing at the time. 20 years later and it remains as one of my favorite games of all time.

“It always came down to having better games, because in the end, that’s all that matters.”

4)What was the last Nintendo Console you owned and what caused you to stop supporting Nintendo ?

Nintendo Wii was the last Nintendo console that I owned. The best way to explain why I stopped supporting Nintendo is through a classic Star Wars quote “You’re going down a path I cannot follow!” Starting with the Wii era, Nintendo decided to follow a different path from it’s “next-gen” counterparts. Instead of being interested in graphics, online functionality, and story, they became interested in gimmicky motion controls. I mean, this approach definitely worked for them. Shortly after the launch you found that parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles were all playing the Wii. While this was amazing to see so many people interested in gaming, people like myself were craving more of a traditional gaming experience. I was grown up, I wanted mature games that told a compelling story, I wanted to talk and play with friends online, and that just wasn’t what Nintendo was going for anymore.


5) Where do you feel Nintendo has had its biggest failures? And what would you do if you were in charge ?

Nintendo left behind the gamer who made them what they are. By focusing on gimmicky motion controls and family centric games, the gamers who had followed them for all the NES, SNES, N64 and Gamecube years were giving up and Nintendo, seemingly, didn’t care. They depended on Mario and Zelda to keep that audience around, but releasing one of those games every 3-4 years wasn’t good enough when other consoles were offering multiple exclusive games a year.

“Nintendo left behind the gamer who made them what they are.”

If I was in charge, I would be looking at the competition and actually competing. I would look at the online services provided by Playstation and Xbox and I would make one similar. By offering that kind of service, I could attract all of the Indie releases that those platforms get, which would complement the decades worth of classic Nintendo titles being offered on the Virtual Console. I wouldn’t have let third party support fail. I would have had the power to have the same Call of Duty and Battlefield offerings available on the platform. I would invest in new IP’s to complement the Mario and Zelda franchises and most importantly, I would make Star Fox great again.

What do you want to see from Nintendo in the future and how can they turn this around with the Switch?

I think the Switch looks great, but I still see some examples of Nintendo being Nintendo. Things like the dreaded friend codes are still around (though not as bad as they were before), the storage in the system is laughably bad, gimmick motion controls are still around, and the accessory prices are too high. The system itself looks very innovative, but in order to survive, they need to start looking at the other consoles to make their online services better and they need to bring on the games because once everyone has finished Zelda, there isn’t really anything compelling for some time..

Special Thanks to Reid Whittle for his perspective on this topic.







Why does Nintendo hate their fans?! (Intro)

“Lets just say that Nintendo’s decisions of late have been questionable at best”

Let me start by saying, the topics below are a common discussion between me and my friends. Many of lunches at work have begun and ended with many of the questions below. Just this week I was given even more context for which to draw from. 

Since its announcement, I have wanted a NES Classic. Sure I have the original and many games(45 to be exact), and further still Yes I could build a Raspberry Pi like many of my friends have suggested. However there is something to be said when you purchase a Nintendo licensed item with the Golden seal of satisfaction.

I guess for me it takes me back to a time when Nintendo created so much in the way of Peripherals and  content that its a little overwhelming, Some good and some bad.(Watch a few Angry Video game Nerd videos on the subject and you will be amazed.) But I have wanted one of these and made several trips to look for them only to find out from the retail employees that they received a shipment of 10 or much less. I told myself, “It’s ok, give it some time they will be hard to get for a little while and then in a few months they will be fully stocked at my local Gamestop.”


However that has not been the case, and it has now been 5 months since its release. So imagine my reaction last week when its announced that the NES Classic would be discontinued. At this current time I know no-one that currently has one, not a single person. What are they thinking, this to me was an easy play. Build a cheap retro console, preloaded with games that they would otherwise be unable to make money off of, sell them for a cheap price and stack them high in every retailer. 

Lets just say that Nintendo’s decisions of late have been questionable at best, a topic I could talk about all day. (and plan to in further articles) Decisions that leave many or all Nintendo fans scratching our heads wondering how they could get things soo wrong!

That’s when I really decided to write about some of these frustrations that fans have. I’ve asked several of my friends a series of questions to get their opinions on the matter. Over the next few weeks I will be continuing the topic, Not only focusing on the negative but also on the cherished memories that go along with the name and brand Nintendo has built.

Stay tuned as the topic and this site begin to grow.