Spooktober Streams

It's October and it's time to play some scary stuff. I'll be streaming some horror games over the next couple weeks, so I'd love it you tuned in with me. Life is quite busy, so it's hard to nail down exactly when I'll be on, but check in with you can. Here's some of the... Continue Reading →

The Steam Project

Updated 7/20/2019 - I know that I’m not alone in having a massive, neglected Steam library. The sales come as often as the seasons and always get me with the bargains. However, after all these years, I’ve now got a massive backlog of Steam games that I’ve never touched. So in the pursuit of entertainment,... Continue Reading →

Evil Re-Returns

20 years ago, when I was 13 years old, Resident Evil 2 released on the Playstation. The first one was groundbreaking and had quickly become one of my favorites on the console, so my excitement for the second one was overwhelming. The game ended up surpassing even the first game in nearly every regard and... Continue Reading →

(Virtual) Reality Check

  I was a small boy in an alley way with my parents. My mother speaks to me, but I’m too busy looking around at the environment around me to pay attention. It’s a dark, dank alley way with dripping water from a recently fallen rain and coated in neon lights from a nearby sign.... Continue Reading →

Games Worth Talking About – 2017

After making Killzone games for 12 years, Guerilla games finally got to spread their wings with Horizon Zero Dawn, a beautiful open-world sci-fi epic featuring robotic dinosaurs, a great story, and an awesome protagonist. Leading into 2017, this was my most anticipated game, and it didn’t disappoint in the slightest; the characters are wonderful, the... Continue Reading →

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