The Trailer Briefing: Deadpool 2

"X Force Assemble! " So the new X-For... I mean Deadpool 2 teaser trailer is out and looking good. Im a huge Cable fan,thanks in part to the X-Men Animated series from the 90's. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out he would be entering into the newly acquired R Rated series.... Continue Reading →

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What Characteristics make Great Heroes?

Heroe's have been a part of story telling since from as far back as there are stories. The Idea of the Hero Character dates back to Tales and stories passed down from generation to generation. Earliest examples date back to over 2100BC to the Bible and the Epic of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh is described as a... Continue Reading →

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A Long time ago…In the year 2000.

Its the summer of 2000, Im 12 years old and on a 12hr Journey to the OuterBanks NC. It might as well been the Outer Rim. Its on long trips like these that I would usually be stuck in the back of the suburban with my 3 siblings listening to my CD player and playing... Continue Reading →

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Games to keep an eye on

Nowadays the shear volume of  AAA games being developed is mind boggling and difficult to keep up with. On top of that add in that there is an unprecedented number of Indie developers and few man shops and there is a good chance you may miss out on a truly ground breaking low budget masterpiece.... Continue Reading →

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The Trailer Briefing

  When was the last time you watched a movie trailer on TV and later found out that many of the scenes depicted in the first trailer or "Teaser Trailer", not only were some of the best the movie had to offer But also gave away major plot details. I would consider myself a movie... Continue Reading →

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