Busy Life and April Update.

And…Im back it has been about two months since my last post and I am ready and rearing to go. To be honest life is just moving at a crazy pace that I sometimes struggle with the balance of it all. Im normally not the sharing type, and truth be told I recently decided to combat that type of behavior.

I have gone to the same gym for most of my adult years. I go in crank out a hard workout and then I leave and I have done this for years. But starting about a month or two ago I decided to be more intentional with how I interact with people. Im a pretty sociable guy in some circles, but I tend to keep to myself outside of Work, Church, and friends.

I want this new change in mindset to penetrate all parts of my life, including how I blog. Im opening myself up to be vulnerable, something I have never done before. Starting with a quick sum-up of whats been going on in my life. I see alot of other bloggers do it, so why not.

First and foremost Im a husband and father, and that is my true passion. I Work in Networking(IT), and the need to keep myself educated and up-to-date on current trends\technology is very important for my success. Im currently studying for my Comptia Security + Exam. most of my Free time lately has been spent with my wife and kid. I try to set aside some me time to play games video games late in the evening. Im currently playing through Witcher 3’s DLC on PS4, Zelda Breath of the Wild on the Switch and the new GOW on the PS4.(Amazing by the way)Me and my wife are watching the new season of Legion as it airs, as well as the new Lost In Space from Netflix.


Reading wise, I really haven’t read anything new recently but Im really looking forward to the new “Fall Of Gondolin” from Christopher Tolkien. At the tender age of 93 he is still adapting and editing works his father began writing over 100 years ago, which is amazing! Another side project Im working on is writing a story that loosely follows one of the Viking Saga’s, I call it a Historical-Fiction and Its still early in concept Once I get further along I will start to share more. Im not sure in what medium it will eventually exist, currently it reads like a book but that may change as time progresses.


Im also working on getting several new posts up soon.  I want to start doing a weekly series called “Fond Memories with games”, each week I share a special memory from my childhood in regards to gaming. I plan to include posts from friends and would love to see and read from the community and subscribers. Its always heart warming to hear folks childhood memories around the subject. Im working on a new “Video Game Concepts that need to die”, as well as a handful of other smaller blog posts.

I was recently tagged by a fellow community member and talented Writer Megan@ageekgal.com , where she nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. So my next post will center around the questions I received. I look forward to what this crazy year has in store, check back soon as I will also be adding new writers to the Blog over the next few months.

Hope you enjoy! Thanks!



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  1. I know the feeling! My husband and I have been married 6 months now but there’s a wedding being planned for later this year. On top of wedding planning, we’re saving to buy a home. Life comes before blogging unfortunately! Can’t wait for your new content though. 🙂


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