The Trailer Briefing: Deadpool 2

“X Force Assemble! ”

So the new X-For… I mean Deadpool 2 teaser trailer is out and looking good. Im a huge Cable fan,thanks in part to the X-Men Animated series from the 90’s. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out he would be entering into the newly acquired R Rated series. A mutant born to Cyclops and Jean Grey’s clone, crippled by a deadly Techno-Organic Virus that caused him to go further into the future to seek a cure. He is practically the Marty McFly of the Marvel Universe…If Marty had a half robotic body and telekinesis.

The character was created by Chris Claremont and Rob Leonardi, and he made his first appearance in the Uncanny Xmen #201 in 1986. He didn’t get his own comic until 1990 in The New Mutants #87.  If you want to learn more about the character prior to the movie check out the essential Comics Below:

  1. Cable & Deadpool by Fabian Nicieza
  2. Avengers: X Sanction by Jeph Loeb
  3. Messiah War  by Ariel Olivetti
  4. X-Men: Second Coming by Mike Carrey
  5. Cable and X-Force by Dennis Hopeless

So if you havent seen the Trailer yet, click on the link below to check it out.

The Story:

Overall I loved the trailer, its exactly what you would come to expect from a Deadpool movie. And if you were not aware the trailer is a Red Band trailer and Very Rated R.

This trailer does a great job of serving up very short cuts of various scenes in a way that I dont feel revealed to much of the plot or any major spoilers. I love how right out of the gate it seems to nail the contrast between these two characters. they are clearly polar opposite personalities. This dynamic can be seen in the “Cable & Deadpool” comic series that now spans over several volumes. On top of tonal shift, we are given several references to other movies like Toy Story, Avengers and even a few jabs at Superman’s mustache in Justice League.

One thing that really excited me early in the trailer was the teddy bear around Cables waist. This is in reference to Hope Summers, Cables adopted daughter and the last of Mutant kind. She was a pivitol character throughout the “Second Coming” and “Messiah Wars” as well as many other series.

Its obvious that we will get to see Cables future, Im Interested to see if it matches up with the dystopian future from “Days of future past” Timeline. Deadpool and Cable have always had an uneasy alliance at times in the comics, and I believe it will be no different here. Cable clearly knows that something in the past needs corrected and he has the soldier mentality of “The mission comes first”. I imagine Deadpool will be directly in Cables way.  In several shots Cable appears to be attacking security guards in what I can only assume is a Highly secure prison . We also get a shot of Wade all dolled up in a prison onesie.


Now Cable isnt the only new character that is making their film debut, the picture above is our first glance at what I believe is X-Force. This may even be prior to the going by that name. Cable and Deadpool are both known for not playing nice with others, and have been members of several mutant organizations throughout their careers so this could technically be a several different groups.


We get to see Domino in action in several shots, however the image above shows several other characters. From what I can tell two of the actors look like Terry Crews and Bill Skarsgard. Terry Crews looks like he could be Forge, another time traveler who has been known to assist Cable a time or two. Or George Bridge from a team known a Six Pack that both Deadpool and Cable have affiliated with. As for Bill Skarsgard Im not sure who he might be…yet. The other Mysterious gentleman is much more obvious due to the headgear. This is Shatter Star another hero with a complicated origin story.

I saw a glimpse of Nega Teenage Warhead and I can only assume Colossus is back as well. The remaining shots show the Taxi driver and Wade Wilson’s friendly Blind room mate. The studio and editors did a good job cutting this trailer, it gave us enough info to get me excited for it. It also sets up the tone for the movie right out of the gate. I believe they will use this movie to setup for a future X-Force movie if I hadn’t already made that clear. It will also be interesting to see Josh Brolin play’s two major Marvel characters in the same year only a few months removed.

This one I look forward to revisiting in the future upon its release ….

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