A Long time ago…In the year 2000.

Its the summer of 2000, Im 12 years old and on a 12hr Journey to the OuterBanks NC. It might as well been the Outer Rim. Its on long trips like these that I would usually be stuck in the back of the suburban with my 3 siblings listening to my CD player and playing my Gameboy. But this time I decided to bring a small Snoopy notepad with me as well. Its been a full year since the release of the Phantom Menace but my mind was on the Original trilogy still.

As much as I wanted to know Darth Vader and Obi-Wan’s complicated history, the one thing I wanted more was to know what happened after the Empire was once again toppled by Luke Skywalker and his “Insignificant friends”. What were the lasting implications of their actions? Did the universe bounce back and what happened to the Jedi?

At this point several games and novels had been released that started to delve into the now eliminated “Expanded Universe”, So I had some understanding of the direction the story went. So I decided to write my very first short story, and It is (very short and very incomplete). I came across it recently when going through a box of keepsakes in my basement.

I read it out loud to my wife and we both giggled at the grammatical mistakes . But it was also heartwarming to read something from a time in my life when things were so much simpler. I didn’t write it with the intention of being the next George Lucas, but rather to pass the time and use my imagination.

So I have decided to read it to you in its entirety as it was originally written in hopes that it will at least put a smile on your face and maybe even remind you of a time in your life that you too let your imagination run wild.


126 years after Lukes Reighn, the jedi have been reestablished and are once again protectors of the galaxy. Lukes, apprentice(a young boy from a deserted planet, of a lost civilization) has become supreme lord over the Jedi, and supporting worlds. But over the many years since Lukes death the supreme lord has become merciless and power hungry. it has changed him much. he is loved by the people but a select few see his corruption. those few being jedi. on of the Jedis being Liutenent darson of the infantry to the “New Republic” his is only 23 but is as wise as yoda in his prime. And the supreme lord sees this and knows h needs him. So he invites the liutentent to an audience at the Jedi temple knowing that if the liutentent was to refuse he wouldnt leave alive. The liutentent sences the trap but knows he most try to at least talk to his leader.

the master tells him that when he was found by luke that he had found an ancient temple of a jedi that contained an old Sith holocron that if touched by a being with an evil inyent had the power to wip out an entire cizilzation on an planet in a Sec Luke sences the disturbance an the barren planetand went to see what happened only fiunding the boy who found the holocron(The new masters) after hearing that darsons own leader was the one responsible for an entire worlds life he is stunned. his leader says that when he touched the holocron it began to light up in a flash of light everyone he loved was gone. he said that he was only 10 and was just out for a walk and fell in a hole when he found it. but destroying a worls wasnt all it did it gave him abilities of its former master a great jedi. darsan new it did even more than that it also corrupted him.

he told darsan to now become his best man knowing the power he possesed. but darson refused telling his former master he would tell all. he began to leave but the doors shut leaving him face to face with his former master. his master told him he would have to kill him then and threw his light saber at him striking him in the chest and bringing him to his knees. he called in the jedis telling them all that darsan was a sith spy a “Traitor” to the New republic and was sent to the prison on kasakk for further questioning but would be executed for what he now knew.

he also knew that if he told anyone that they wouldnt believe him. So he didnt waist his breath. while in the prison he meet a strange alien who had been captured for smuggling guns to a small guerilla group trying to over through the goverment. The alien tells him his ship is in a impound lot on there floor if only they could get out. darsan focus knowing that b/cof his wound which hadnt been tended to he would have to use all of his strength to do his jedi mind trick he confused the guard and conveinced him to hand over the keys and get in the cell to take the place of him. Then darsan freed the Alien his name being ku-chuk-nuk using what strenght he had he walked to the hanger and created a distraction so that kuh could get a blaster rifle to kill the remaining guards, after the guards were finished darsan blocked out. kuh being a kindred soul brought darson onto his ship the ?. and began to get the “Ship fired up” turning on mounted guns for defenses while he tended to darsons wounds seeing they were far to complicated fir him he know only one place were he would be welcomed would be the new federation (guerilla unit) were he delivered guns to a week earlier. he began charting his journey and preparing their flight. blowing up the hanger doors flew out into space.

Seeing that the entire space fleet had been alerted to their eascape. nut even in darsans sleep he knew what had happened and began using his mind to open the cell doors to the prison causing utter meyham. the fleet now dispersed in everydirection giving kutch enough time too punch into light speed..

Part of me wishes that I would have gone back to this at 12 and tried to complete it. At that age my means for which I explored my imagination was beginning to change. Soon I would no longer play with my action figures and Lego’s like I used to. Gaming would  begin to be that outlet, and while that’s not a bad thing, having a alternative where you are crafting the story and characters is what I really needed.

I have a 2 year old that I already see him playing pretend using his imagination at such a early stage in his life. It makes me want to help nurture and encourage him to always be creative and don’t be afraid to dream big or be different. Don’t be concerned about what others think, people who lack creativity will always be your biggest discouragement in life.



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