Games to keep an eye on

Nowadays the shear volume of  AAA games being developed is mind boggling and difficult to keep up with. On top of that add in that there is an unprecedented number of Indie developers and few man shops and there is a good chance you may miss out on a truly ground breaking low budget masterpiece. Ive made it a sort of mission to browse through the Indie and Alpha games on both GOG and Steam from time to time.

Just last year I discovered one of my favorite low budget games “Kingdom, Classic” while browsing a steam sale. To my amazement it was both simple and fun and had some interesting game mechanics. So I decided to every month going forward look for these kinds of games and give them some well earned praise.

This Month the game that was brought to my attention by my good friend Reid was Northgard. Northgard is Strategy game developed by Shiro Games, the developers of Evoland and Evoland 2. The game is based on Norse mythology, you take control of one of several clans each with their own very unique set of traits. You are now in control of your clans destiny in the harsh environments of Northgard.

The game is reminiscent of Age of Empires 2 and Civ in some regards. On the surface it appears to be a simple strategy game however you would be wrong to think its that simple. Beneath the beautiful animated styling of the game is a survival\Civ city style builder. The game is about becoming the dominate Clan and expanding your land. In doing so you are faced with several major obstacles outside of other players.


I will start with the biggest trouble of them all….Winter. Winter is coming will not only strike fear into the hearts of those living in the Seven kingdoms but you too will also be doing everything you can to store up food and wood. Food Production drops drastically and food intake goes up. The same can be said of your wood supply. Run out of wood and the people freeze to death. Run out of food and the people begin to be unhappy and eventually starve.

Other issues to contend with include, Bears, Wolves oh and who can forget, the undead too.To be in the Alpha phase of the game, it features sharp looking environments, interesting game mechanics and a good level of polish. In its current state the campaign is nonexistent, which is fine by me as I really just wanted to play online with my friend Reid any ways.

Overall Im quite excited for this game and I feel at 19.99 the game currently offers alot to those who enjoy a small scale civ builder and a challenge.The Game is best played with a friend or two in its current state. Check it out let me know what you think, if you have any suggestions for any other early development or Indie titles, sound off below and let me know.





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