The Trailer Briefing: Star Wars- The Last Jedi (Revisited)

Well it is post Christmas Rush and Star Wars: The last Jedi has been out for nearly two weeks. Today it was announced that it has grossed over 1 Billion Dollars World Wide and that number is expected to grow another 100,000+ in one month. Suffice to say The Last Jedi has been a financial success even with love it or Hate it reviews. It seems like for every person that has seen it there are two that hate the new direction. There has also been a large divide amoungst Reviewers, some claiming the movie is “Divisive” and others praising it for its “Diversity”.

I have to say that I really enjoyed the film, I liked the new direction and how well they did at giving each character their own story arch. I really liked Rian Johnson’s vision for how the force can be used in ways that even we could not imagine. There were a number of plot holes and Ideas I was not on board with but I look forward to the next film and what it will reveal will shine either a better or worse light on this film.

That being said I wanted to revisit the claims I made on how I thought the narrative would play out and see if anything that I believed the trailer revealed came true, or did the editing skills of The Last Jedi crew truly stump me.


Basic Premise: All about Character development

“We get alot more Dialogue than we are used to hearing from Snoke this time around. This would suggest that Snoke is either talking to or about Rey and Kylo, heck it could be a combination of the two.”

I wasn’t to far off, the scene in the trailer I spoke of was part of 2 scenes one at the beginning of the film when he is speaking to Kylo alone and another time when the two are together in his presence. (I was genuinely shocked by the untimely death of Snoke, especially after watching like 20 of those “Who is Snoke, Fan Theroy” videos.)

“Its Clear that Rey and Kylo are both in alot of ways tied to each other. Each one is searching for answers to their true Identities.Kylo wears a mask to hide from his past and Rey is the opposite wanting nothing more than to know her heritage. A theme I noticed throughout is that Kylo is once again struggling with his past and even his future decisions. “

I loved the character development of both Rey and Kylo, I expected they would grow closer. But not via a telepathic link provided by Snoke. That was a interesting ability that has only been scene in the films by Luke and Leia, but never to the degree we saw in The Last Jedi.

I also loved the choice for Kylo to finally step out of the shadow of his heritage and dare to want to be more than a mere copy of Vader. It started with destroying his mask in a typical fit of anger. Im wish we could have seen more of Kylo pre-Dark side but it was nice to at least see something that explains the moment he turned.

With Rey I was left with more questions than answers when it comes to her past and heritage. Was this Rian Johnson’s plan all along? To give her a “Anyman’s” background story in which her parents don’t actually matter, or is it more than that? In any case I loved seeing Rey in action, Daisy Ridley is able to channel that Luke like heroism to a fault.


“Luke seems to be reluctant to train anyone, even eluding to similarities he sees in raw talent of Ben Solo\Kylo before his fall.”

“After all alot has happened in the time between Return of the Jedi and Force Awakens. He appears to be scared and broken has likely dabbled in the dark side more to fully understand the force in ways the Republic Jedi’s would never allow. He will likely have to choice a side and be drawn back into conflict with either Snoke or Kylo.”

I recently read a post on IGN that said “luke Skywalker, the most tragic Star Wars Character” and while I do see their point, I feel like the Star Wars theme of redemption and the selflessness of the Jedi was translated pretty well. Mark Hamill gave one of the best performances of his life. Luke was utterly broken when Rey finds him, cutting himself off from the force and ultimately believing he is the reason for Ben Solo’s fall to the Darkside.

Sure I would have loved to see luke show up with his lightsaber(Green one) and actually take on the First order but I also thought his transition to the force was quite poetic and reminiscent of Obi wan’s to “become more powerful than you could imagine”.

“We could seven see Kylo turn from the Dark Side at some point, I may be off on this but I see a juxtaposition between him and Rey. There Appears to be something that ties them together, if nothing else by their immense raw power”

Man I was way off on that one, while Kylo did show signs of unease towards Snoke it had nothing to do with the Lightside in him. Instead we saw the fulfillment of the rule of two and Kylo’s decent further into the Dark side. The hesitation to kill his Mom showed a glimmer of hope and Rey still believes there is Hope.


“Rey will likely be driven away by Luke, who’s social skills appear to be lacking since he left on his self imposed exile. Rey is seen face-to-face with Snoke(Sort of) which says that she will likely go to him to get answers or try to defeat him. There will most definitely be a few flash backs. And I look forward to seeing the fall of Ben Solo and rise of Kylo Ren.”

Luke was certainly an old grouch, but now we know the weight of what he felt on his shoulders and it make sense. Rey certainly did show up in Snokes chamber but I was completely caught off guard be what actually happened. We were also given one of the best Light saber battles of the new films with Rey and Kylo taking on the Praetorian guard.


I hope you enjoyed this flash back and keep checking back for new ones as more and more trailers begin to show up for the spring line up of movies

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