(Virtual) Reality Check


I was a small boy in an alley way with my parents. My mother speaks to me, but I’m too busy looking around at the environment around me to pay attention. It’s a dark, dank alley way with dripping water from a recently fallen rain and coated in neon lights from a nearby sign. My mother’s tone quickly changes to one of fear when a man steps out of the shadows with a gun. He demands jewelry and money from my parents, they are trying to comply, but they’re both frantic and taking too long. It happens quickly, the man reaches for my mother’s pearls, father instinctively tries to stop him, the gun fires twice and they both fall in front of me. The man takes in what he’s done for a moment before turning to me. He gets down in my face, his breath stinks, but I can’t smell it. He warns me that it doesn’t pay to be the hero.

I’ve just lived out the creation of Batman. I’ve seen it plenty of times in comics and movies, but this time it’s different. This is the start of Batman Arkham VR for the PlayStation VR, and it was the first foray into home VR for me, and if I didn’t make that clear, it was one hell of an introduction.

VR is a game changer. It opens up so many possibilities for excellent experiences. Imagine playing a point and click adventure game as the main character of the game where you explore different areas and solve puzzles. Imagine a detective game where you investigate crime scenes and interrogate suspects. Now that I’ve experienced VR for myself, I’m really excited to see what they can do with it. I’ll be back soon with some additional impressions of Skyrim VR and Resident Evil 7 in VR.

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