The Trailer Briefing: Star Wars-The Last Jedi


One thing this is not, is a full breakdown of what we saw in the newest trailer. There are plenty of those kinds of videos and Articles that would likely be far better than my humble opinion. Instead this is what I think the Narrative will look like based on the Visual and Audio ques I picked up on.

Here’s the Trailer if you haven’t seen it already:

Basic Premise: Characters

We get alot more Dialogue than we are used to hearing from Snoke this time around. This would suggest that Snoke is either talking to or about Rey and Kylo, heck it could be a combination of the two. There were several scenes that appeared pieced together that were cleverly edited. This is likely by design to throw off the viewer.


Its Clear that Rey and Kylo are both in alot of ways tied to each other. Each one is searching for answers to their true Identities. Kylo wears a mask to hide from his past and Rey is the opposite wanting nothing more than to know her heritage. A theme I noticed throughout is that Kylo is once again struggling with his past and even his future decisions. The trailer suggests that he may be searching out his mother to sever the one last tie he has to his past self.


Rey on the other hand is beginning to learn the depth of her strength in the force. She may even be wrestling with the idea that she has always felt the force but likely suppressed or ignored it till her “Awakening” in the last film.Luke seems to be reluctant to train anyone, even eluding to similarities he sees in raw talent of Ben Solo\Kylo before his fall.

I believe this movie will channel and draw from Empire Strikes Back in many ways. I think we will get to see Luke Skywalker in a new light. After all alot has happened in the time between Return of the Jedi and Force Awakens. He appears to be scared and broken has likely dabbled in the dark side more to fully understand the force in ways the Republic Jedi’s would never allow. He will likely have to choice a side and be drawn back into conflict with either Snoke or Kylo.

We could seven see Kylo turn from the Dark Side at some point, I may be off on this but I see a juxtaposition between him and Rey. There Appears to be something that ties them together, if nothing else by their immense raw power. I dont believe they are siblings but its certainly possible.(like the old Expanded Uninverse)  I do not believe Kylo will kill his mother, it feels to “Nail on the head” and that should never be so in a Star Wars movie.


Rey will likely be driven away by Luke, who’s social skills appear to be lacking since he left on his self imposed exile. Rey is seen face-to-face with Snoke(Sort of) which says that she will likely go to him to get answers or try to defeat him. There will most definitely be a few flash backs. And I look forward to seeing the fall of Ben Solo and rise of Kylo Ren

Hopefully we will learn Snoke’s true identity and Rey’s Parentage. Check back in December to see if I was right in any of my predictions.



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  1. Yea, I have really enjoyed both characters this far. I look forward to seeing another Adam Driver temper tantrum!


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