The Trailer Briefing


When was the last time you watched a movie trailer on TV and later found out that many of the scenes depicted in the first trailer or “Teaser Trailer”, not only were some of the best the movie had to offer But also gave away major plot details.

I would consider myself a movie trailer junkie at this point. Im often the friend in my circles asking everyone if they saw the latest trailer released. I have recently had many friends answer politely that they did not plan to watch anymore trailers past the Teaser. And Im beginning to understand why. See now days its common practice for a big blockbuster release to feature a teaser trailer, a full length, and often an extended one closer to release. Thus showing a considerable amount of movie footage over time. At the average trailer time of 2:45mins in 2017, compare this to the 90’s at consistent 1:54 to 2:10 and you can see their is generally 30+ seconds or more per trailer now days.

That being said I decided to challenge myself with future movies, to only watch the initial trailer whether its a teaser or not. Once I have seen the trailer in its entirety I plan to post a brief synopsis of what I saw and how close I am to understanding the story,characters and possible spoilers. To see if blockbuster trailers really are revealing to much information and key scenes best left to the surprise of the viewers.

Lets just call it an experiment, I must admit I have already failed in one regard. I couldn’t stop myself from watching the Star Wars:The Last Jedi one released this past Monday.  But I must say I was quite impressed as it left me with more questions than answers due to the style in which it was edited. I imagine many of the scenes were spiced together to throw us off.

That being said stay tuned as I plan to do my next Article on Star Wars: the Last Jedi.


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