Why does Nintendo Hate Their Fans? (Update)


The SNES Classic…Already a name that has become infamous. With nearly two months before being released and its already causing quite a stir. I was unfortunately one of the many surprised fans that received a pre-order message from Walmart a few weeks ago. Only to receive the cancellation notice nearly a week later.  Here I was thinking I was on the Up and Up, me and a few buddies already started to make plans for a old school gaming night.

Now lets be clear, I know this is not Nintendo’s fault. The blame clearly falls on Walmart’s shoulders. And they dont plan on doing anything to try to make this situation better.Nintendo has come out this week and stated that they will be making “Significantly more SNES Classic’s” this time around and continuing production till the end of the Year. Lets hope that this is true, I’d love to see one in every retail store piled high so that scalpers have no way to make dirty money.

In preparation I have signed up for all of the text alerts and the many retail notifications out there. I will chronicling my Journey in trying to retrieve one of them over the next few weeks, Hopefully it will be a short story. I have also taken a small hiatus from writing due to the Summer and all the many things going on, but plan to start a few new series Including “Hidden Gems” and “Games that never were”.



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