Games that will make you feel like a American Patriot!

Happy 241st Birthday America!


I have to say Im proud to be an American and nothing makes me feel more patriotic than these games…Not even Beer and Burgers. For those of you that are not Americans, that’s OK not everyone is perfect(Bad Joke, Sorry Im in #’Merica mode) No but seriously this list of games are some of my favorite games that in one way or another exude patriotism and American Values. So now you too can experience what its like to have piss poor health Insurance and what its like to be made fun of by the Global community.

So without further ado, these are my Favorite games to celebrate this July 4th in the Spirit.

5) BroForce


Broforce by definition a crafty side scrolling run-and-gun platformer. But man is it so much more. Its described by the developers as a game in which a player Character or “Bro, a hyper masculine action hero-style Commando Is sent into each may to rescue his bro teammates and Prisoners of War.” Essentially you play as a 80’s\90’s American Movie Action Hero as you blow your enemies to hell with each characters special abilities. You Unlock new “bros” as you progress through the game. Action Heroes include, John Rambo, Chuck Norris, Mr.T, Arnold as both Commando and a T-800 from terminater as well as Indiana Jones and JohnMcClane from Diehard. And that barely scratches the Surface on the many Icons you will be able to play as.  This game is definitely best experienced as either a couch coop or online coop. If you havent played it, do your self a favor and pick it up, its available on Microsoft and Sony Consoles as well as PC.


4) World in Conflict (PC)

Im a huge fan of Strategy games, especially the Total War and Civ Games. But recently in the last year or so I discovered a game that slipped completely under my radar. World in Conflict was released for PC on Sept 18, 2007. The game takes place during the Cold War in a world where the Berlin Wall never collapsed. Based on a Novel by Larry Bond, the story starts with the Soviets attacking Europe, while simultaneously attacking the US on home soil.


Its a very popular scenario used in many other Video games and Movies. The game plays like many other RTS’s, it features a fully relized 3d destructible environments and focus’s on battles rather than resource gathering. Surprisingly the graphics hold up rather well considering the age of the game. This one is definitely worth the purchase and is available on for purchase.


3) Assassins Creed 3 (PS3 , PC, 360)

This one does not need much of an introduction if you’ve ever played any Assassins creed games in the series you have a general idea of whats going on. The game takes place during and after the American Revolution and follows Connor half English, half Mohawk. This game gives you a wonderful feel for what it might have been like to like in and around Boston, New York and the Frontier in the 18th Century. During the main story you will get to meet and assist many of Americas Founding fathers. The game does stay true to the source material and look of the time from what I could tell. Not the best of the series but the Setting and Characters make up for its short comings.


2) Freedom Fighters (PS2, PC)


This is one of those games I never heard about prior to picking it up at Block Buster, It features a ever so popular alternate reality similar to World in Conflict. You play a plumber in New York city on a job when he is attacked and his brother taken away by Soviet troops invading the US. You quickly get thrown into a renegade group of Freedom Fighters taking the fight to the Soviets. Its a third person shooter that brings nothing innovative in the game play mechanics but I really enjoyed the Narrative and premise last time I played it. Im not sure its aged very well though to be honest.


1) Company of Heroes (PC)

Easily one of the Greatest RTS games of all time, and my Favorite WW2 game. The game features very cinematic historically accurate story beginning with D Day and weaving its way through some of the most important Battles. From a gameplay and Mechanics aspect the developers had built a new feature called  “Advanced squad AI”, this allowed for soldiers to use the environment accurately including taking cover and advanced tactics. The Environments were stunning and everything in the environment is destructible adding another layer of complexity as the environment changed from time to time. If you somehow missed this one, there is a newer version that was released a few years ago  (COH2)that features a Russian Campaign.


I hope that you enjoyed my list and no matter your nationality, that you get to experience freedom in some regard. If you have your own list share them in the comments below I would be happy to read them. Thanks!

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  1. I’ve played world in conflict and found it to be quite fun, and am familiar with Assassain’s Creed franchise, Bro Force and company of heroes though haven’t played. Belated happy 4th of July

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