Why does Nintendo hate their fans?! (Intro)

“Lets just say that Nintendo’s decisions of late have been questionable at best”

Let me start by saying, the topics below are a common discussion between me and my friends. Many of lunches at work have begun and ended with many of the questions below. Just this week I was given even more context for which to draw from. 

Since its announcement, I have wanted a NES Classic. Sure I have the original and many games(45 to be exact), and further still Yes I could build a Raspberry Pi like many of my friends have suggested. However there is something to be said when you purchase a Nintendo licensed item with the Golden seal of satisfaction.

I guess for me it takes me back to a time when Nintendo created so much in the way of Peripherals and  content that its a little overwhelming, Some good and some bad.(Watch a few Angry Video game Nerd videos on the subject and you will be amazed.) But I have wanted one of these and made several trips to look for them only to find out from the retail employees that they received a shipment of 10 or much less. I told myself, “It’s ok, give it some time they will be hard to get for a little while and then in a few months they will be fully stocked at my local Gamestop.”


However that has not been the case, and it has now been 5 months since its release. So imagine my reaction last week when its announced that the NES Classic would be discontinued. At this current time I know no-one that currently has one, not a single person. What are they thinking, this to me was an easy play. Build a cheap retro console, preloaded with games that they would otherwise be unable to make money off of, sell them for a cheap price and stack them high in every retailer. 

Lets just say that Nintendo’s decisions of late have been questionable at best, a topic I could talk about all day. (and plan to in further articles) Decisions that leave many or all Nintendo fans scratching our heads wondering how they could get things soo wrong!

That’s when I really decided to write about some of these frustrations that fans have. I’ve asked several of my friends a series of questions to get their opinions on the matter. Over the next few weeks I will be continuing the topic, Not only focusing on the negative but also on the cherished memories that go along with the name and brand Nintendo has built.

Stay tuned as the topic and this site begin to grow.

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